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Lenovo A6000 Flash done with different tool

This tutorial tested by me without any error some time we are flashing this device so many time take in flashing so we are search other tool for flashing and easy to flash this device from the many time i search but after many time i found other flash tool and i try this device in this tool so easy procedure easy or not was give many time for flashing so this tool with i have experience so here post new with different tool but here some different procedure from the before flashing tool this tool you can use if before post not success then you can use this tool if you want to first try use so don't worry because this is tested by me it's very easy to flash and just remember of required for flashing if any issue in required from your's so first prepare to required after try in flash and we are mention which need to flashing in below and also must remember before use this tutorial which one first read all carefully this tutorial after try in flash because if you read tutorial then you can easy flashing this device this my own experience and must be working well micro usb cable if any issue in this then you can't connect device with computer or laptop also must be working device charging socket if any issue so also you can't connect with computer or laptop must be installed driver in your computer or laptop if not install in your computer or laptop then device not connect so you can't flash see below description about firmware.

This flash file tested by me without any error working well,  you can use this flash file when your device hang on logo problem, restarting problem, security lock problem, password lock problem, pattern lock problem etc software related problem and you can use this tutorial without any box and this is free for all who know about software in mobile, impotent for flashing first must check your micro usb cable if not good then you can't flash it so check micro usb cable second check your device battery that is impotent for flashing if your device battery low so stop your device between flash so this is impotent for flash, before you flash save your data like contact, photos, videos etc because this is factory flash file so you can't save after full flash so must remember all are impotent notes.

Download Link

(Tested or Lollipop) Lenovo A6000 Stock ROM Firmware HERE
Lenovo A6000 Different Flash tool HERE
Lenovo A6000 USB Flashing Driver HERE

Required for flash:

1. Lenovo A6000 device with well battery charged
2. Lenovo A6000 Stock ROM Firmware (tested)
3. Lenovo A6000 Flashing driver
4. Micro usb cable
5. Computer or Laptop


1. First download tested Firmware, Flash tool or driver from above link (if link not working just leave your comment on below comment box i will soon fix it)
2. Extract to all are zip files to desktop or as you like path (must be installed winrar software to Extract)
3. Open Driver folder and choose Qualcomm_USB_Driver_Setup.exe file and wait until finish installation
4. Open QPST.WIN.2.7_Installer-00430.1 folder and chose setup.exe file and open and install it
5. Now open QFIL from the "C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\QPST\bin" path
6. Tick on Flat Build option
7. Go to Programmer Path and click on Browse.. button and choose prog_emmc_firehose_8916.mbn file
8. Click on Load XML.. button and choose rawprogram_unsparse.xml file and second choose patch0.xml file from the Firmware folder

9. Press and hold Volume Up + Down and Insert USB cable and wait until driver install
10. After drier installed just Click on Download button and wait until finish procedure
11. Congratulation you are done

Lenovo A6000 Flash done with different tool Screenshot:

Lenovo A6000 Flash done with different tool Video


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  2. Please give the password of ROM Firmware zip

  3. (Tested or Lollipop) Lenovo A6000 Stock ROM Firmware link is not working dude

  4. Do you have A6000 plus softwares ?

  5. enovo A6000 Flashing Error'S Download Fail:FireHose Fail FHLoader Fail:Process Fail

    How To Solve This

  6. thanks mister, please help me to share it again on my page
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